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Addicted to Little Shanghai Posted by Yvonne on 09/29

Our family have been going Little Shanghai for quite a few years.The atmosphere of the restaurant is very cozy. It is very clean and comfortable for us to eat. The food is very mouth-watering and price is inexpensive. I love one of the dishes named "Fun-quei noodle" which is dry-noodle mixed with peanut butter & jasimine oil and add vegetable and BBQ pork. It is one of the best dish that I have eaten. My daughter loves the "Walnut shrimp" dish. Give Little Shanghai a try and you will become addicted to the food, same as us.

"Learning" Chinese food Posted by Bacala B. on 2/24

I'll parrot what everyone else said about this place. It's a find.

My daughter, who is just "learning" Chinese food, ordered S&S pork (maybe chicken?) last time and rather than the smacky sweet, gooey red sauce that is the norm, they serve it with a very nice, lighter sauce that does not overpower the other ingredients or stay with you until you drink bleach. The vegetables in the dish were crisp, and the coating on the meat was not soggy, which is virtually a given everywhere else. Everything we've had there has been a pleasure.

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Shugendo for Sissies! Posted by Stone M. on 10/07

I love, love, love Little Shanghai, or at least their Fu-Guay Noodles. I've been going there regularly since I moved to Santa Cruz, but I've only ever had the one thing on the menu, since I enjoy it so much. Fu Guay Noodles are a cross between Dandan Noodles (with a peanut-based sauce) and Peking Noodles (with a ground pork and hoisin sauce). One of the yummiest things ever. Sue and Jack Chiao, the owners, are super-nice, and I appreciate their persistence: when I first found them, not long after the Loma Prieta quake, they were in one of the tents, then they moved to the little mall running between Pacific and Cedar at the north end of the avenue, then finally settled in one of the storefronts in the Locust Street Garage building. The location's changed, but the noodles have always been terrific. They've got a Mongolian barbeque for dinner, which I've been meaning to try out...

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The Only Place Posted by Susi Rubio on 02/15

I love the Little Shanghai so much I went there for the first time last year. Every time that I go out to eat for lunch that is the only place that I go.

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The Absolute Best! Posted by Nathan on 03/23

Little Shanghai is not only the best Chinese restaurant in Santa Cruz, I believe it is the best restaurant of any kind in the area. I have the pleasure of eating lunch at Little Shanghai's nearly every Friday --- a personal treat for myself. No matter the size of the group, the service is always fabulous and the food is incredible. My nicest experience was a dinner that I gave for my mother and about 9 guests. Jack and his staff treated my mother like a queen. The service was perfect. The food was a culinary delight. One last thing. I highly recommend the KUNG-PAO CHICKEN. One bite and you're in heaven!

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Four Stars! Posted by Lily on 02/13

If you want seriously good Chinese food in this part of the state, you need to go to Little Shanghai in Santa Cruz. There is nothing that even comes close. Little Shanghai is 4-star all the way.

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The Best Chinese Food In Santa Cruz! Posted by Mari on 02/02

I love Little Shanghai! I love the spicy salt shrimp! It is the best in town! The price is reasonable and fair. I go there all the time! The service is great! The foods i reccomend is Kung Pao Chickes,Beef Broccli,Chicken Chow mein, Curry chicken,and Sweet ans Sour Chicken! They´re all my favorite Dishes! I hope that all of you would go and eat there!

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